Nektar Data Systems Messaging and iPhone Dashboard Release 2015

New Release: Messaging Feature and iPhone Dashboard

Nektar Data is excited to announce the release of the new dashboard for iPhone and messaging feature for all devices and web.

iPhone Dashboard

The new dashboard feature for the iPhone device allows users to view the real-time activity of all operations within the organization and to drill into each individual asset and task. It also provides a map with pin locations of recent tasks completed. These task pin locations can also be drilled down into displaying the asset and task by clicking on the individual pin as shown in the screen shot. The real-time activity keeps the appropriate personnel abreast of every task that is happening within the organization, who it was completed by, and the exact time it happened. This is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. It provides accountability that employees are completing their daily tasks on time without having to micro-manage or run reports. It also is a quick way to drill down into what asset each individual employee is utilizing that day. The recent task location map view helps provide accountability that employees are at the correct location when completing tasks.

screenshot_1     screenshot_2

Web and Mobile Device Messaging

Along with the new dashboard comes the messaging feature between all users within an organization on any platform. Messages can be sent via web, iPhone, and iPad to a specific user(s). As shown in the screen shots below, message notifications can appear on the locked home screen to notify the user to open the app. Upon opening the app, there will be a red notification on the message center inbox. In the message center users can read, reply, and compose new messages.

screenshot_3     screenshot_4

Messaging Features

Instant messaging is a powerful communication tool in organizations and is quickly growing in popularity and necessity. It allows for quick real-time conversations that are not as intrusive as using the phone. If you are communicating with a colleague or employee either out in the field or at their desk, they would have to stop what they are doing to answer your phone call when just a simple message would suffice and would only need an answer within the hour. As shown in the screenshot example above, it allows managers to use Nektar Data to complete the cycle of discovering which piece of equipment is due for a service, who is operating it, and then to notify the operator of the service and any relative information. Messages can be also sent out to a number of users at once, such as when every employee on a specific site needs to be notified of any change of plans or meeting purposes.

An avatar can now be added for each user, most commonly known as a profile picture. This will show up with each message and user name to help quickly distinguish between users with similar names and add a personal touch.

Lastly, another new feature from Nektar Data is login with Touch ID for iPhone (on supported devices). Touch ID is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a passcode. Your fingerprint is one of the best passcodes in the world. It’s always with you, and no two are exactly alike. With just a touch of your device’s home button, the Touch ID sensor quickly reads your fingerprint and automatically logs into the app.

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