Asset Management and Mobile Data Collection- Permissions Release 2015

Mobile, web, and task permissions have arrived!

Nektar Data Systems is proud to announce the app release of mobile, web, and task permissions for 2015.

Mobile, Web, and Task Permissions

These new permissions allow clients to grant or limit access to specific components of their customized asset management and mobile data collection system, based on the group to which a user belongs. This can be crucial for valuable data protection, allowing users to concentrate only on what they need access to, and providing contractors or employees with only the information and tasks that they need to complete their work.

Mobile Permissions

Mobile permissions allow for client administrators to provide or limit access to certain groups within the mobile app. Users may have the ability to record tasks, but not create assets in the system, and may have access or not be able to view reports from their device. Depending on the needs of the user and those of the client, user groups may have access to all capabilities within the mobile app, or be limited.


Among many benefits, this may be ideal for new users of the system who are currently only creating assets within the system and recording tasks. Instead of having multiple options of actions they can do from their device, they only see the few that they need, which may limit confusion, and help them get a grasp on the application more quickly.

Web Permissions

One of the most powerful components of the Nektar Data Systems asset management and mobile data collection solution is the ability to sort, query, filter, assess, and see trends in the data collected on the back end through the web application.

For certain individuals, there may be a need to allow them full access to all the functionality that the web application holds, and for others it may be necessary to limit their permissions in the web to a few functions, or not provide them with access into the web client at all, and only to the mobile app.


The ability for individuals to create assets, modify tasks, or delete data may be reserved only for certain groups, while the capacity to create and manage users and view reports of compiled data, may be a permission possessed by a different group.

Task Permissions

Tasks permissions allow certain groups to perform only the specified tasks that are necessary for them to have access to. All the tasks that are built into a client’s system are uniquely tailored to their needs, and may include operations such as inspections or maintenance tasks, to sales or rental tracking tasks. Different employees can be limited to only the tasks they need to perform their role within the company.

This is an extremely useful feature for companies that provide access to their system to internal or 3rd party contractors. Task permissions allow users to be limited to only the tasks that they are working on, so as to avoid any confusion and to keep data from unnecessary eyes. The increased visibility that a real-time asset management and mobile data collection system provides, also gives companies the means for effective contractor management through live GPS location and immediate access to data being collected.


Permissions for certain tasks only, as well as web and mobile permissions, give clients the power to allow users to focus only on the tasks and features that they need to have access to for them to perform their jobs effectively, and gives clients the ability to filter the kinds of information and data to which contractors and employees have access during their work.