Can Having a Mobile Workforce in Construction Increase Productivity?

10874242696_3a1294e2e7_z“In the construction industry, 70% of professionals already view mobile devices as an important factor to the success of their businesses. These advocates use mobile devices to access and share information such as customer and job data, drawings, schedules, photos, and plans” says Sage Construction Industry Technology Trends survey. This rising adoption of mobile devices on-site is a positive trend for an industry known to lag behind in terms of technology adoption.

Increased Employee Productivity

By next year, the number of active mobile devices is set to exceed the world population, illustrating just how significantly these devices encompass our lives. We have developed such a close relationship with our phones that they are always at hand and we don’t leave home without them. We view these devices as a practical tool and have grown accustomed to having knowledge readily available at our fingertips.

It’s easy to see why contractors are embracing a mobile workforce as it increases employee responsiveness and decision-making speed, resolving internal issues faster, and increases worker productivity. Project Supervisors can look over plans and give the go-ahead on a project no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Looking broader than just construction, according to a new CIO Insight study of federal employees, employees gain 9 hours per week of productivity due to mobile devices. With its employees being productive for an extra nine hours per week, the federal government nets $28 billion annually. Though this is a large scale example, it shows the opportunity for increased revenue through the ability of always being connected.

Remain competitive in your industry

In addition, a Forrsights Networks Survey found that almost all small business users surveyed (94 percent) believe their mobile devices make them more efficient and most (67 percent) believe their companies would lose competitive ground without those devices. It’s not just the business owners or upper management that recognize the benefits of mobile devices, but the employee/users themselves also feel they are more productive. Companies are capitalizing on this motivation by providing their employees with internal mobile systems to help them better manage their day to day activities. Using mobile devices frees workers from being tied to a desktop or laptop; instead they can connect to their files, reports, and presentations from anywhere.

The wide availability of mobile devices across organizations can help bring critical messages to the forefront from those that were not being heard in the past, and increase productivity in the process. Through the collection and sharing of data, mobile devices are a key tool in increasing engagement and transparency throughout an organization.

Photo Credit: USACE HQ CC BY 2.0