Canadian Tech Company Takes MillionTreesNYC to the Cloud

Press Release: Canadian Tech Company Takes New York City’s MillionTreesNYC Initiative to the Cloud

New York City Parks Histree TagEdmonton, AB – On October 22, 2014, Nektar Data Systems, a mobile data software solutions provider, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, secured a contract with the City of New York, North America’s most populous metropolis. MillionTreesNYC Histree mobile data collection app.

Nektar Data Systems will assist the City of New York Parks Department to monitor and report on events and tasks for tens of thousands of trees planted as part of the City’s MillionTreesNYC environmental initiative. The New York City Parks department required a cloud-based mobile data collection app to quantify the contractual requirements for tree planting and maintenance work as completed by contractors hired within the program.
The sheer volume of the project and the monumental task of managing the contractual obligations of the contractors have led the city to seek out a tree tracking and data collection tool. After a successful pilot, New York City has chosen Nektar Data Systems’ Histree product as their choice to accomplish this feat.

“Being able to manage a tree’s wellbeing directly from the field using a smartphone or tablet will revolutionize large project landscaping” said Nektar Data Systems President and CEO Art Maat. “It brings everyone’s accountability in planning, implementing and follow-up on any green project, big or small, to the forefront,” he said.

Using Nektar Data Systems’ Histree product, the City of New York’s Parks Department will track, record and report on all contractor/tree events.

This embracement of the Histree data collection solution will allow New York City parks staff to perform inspections on trees and to fully understand and quantify exactly when work is being performed by contractors. The information gathered will include dynamic data including pictures, tree inspections and assessments, date and time stamps, as well as the exact GPS map location of each tree. The data will be hosted in cloud servers allowing the information to be available at any time from any device by project administrators.

The contractors will also be using Histree to facilitate GPS locations for trees in providing routing and scheduling processes within the Histree interface.

About Nektar Data Systems

Nektar Data Systems offers a cloud-based mobile data collection tool. Nektar’s three products, Arcsset, Equipdata, and Histree all operate on the same data management platform and are tools focused on addressing the distinct needs of separate vertical industry sectors. Arcsset is a customized system concentrating on utilities, oil and gas and the industrial service sector. Equipdata is focused within the construction, road building, manufacturing, rental and dealer networks. Histree is catered towards nurseries, contractors and municipalities within the green industry. Conceived and internally developed out of the needs of a decades-old, Canadian open-space site development contractor, Nektar and its dynamic products work practically and as simply as field staff require and expect.

About MillionTreesNYC

MillionTreesNYC, one of the 132 PlaNYC initiatives, is a citywide, public-private program with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for one million new trees across the City’s five boroughs over the next decade. By planting one million trees, New York City will increase its urban forest – its most valuable environmental asset made up of street trees, park trees, and trees on public, private and commercial land – by an astounding 20%, while achieving the many quality-of-life benefits that come with planting trees. The City of New York will plant 70% of trees in parks and other public spaces. The other 30% will come from private organizations, homeowners, and community organizations. In addition to community planting initiatives the City of New York engages with contractors to plant and maintain tens of thousands of street trees annually.

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