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Our platform is designed to track time, inspections, assets, tasks, safety and almost everything in between.

An asset could be something as complicated as a refinery with 1,000 individual, highly sophisticated components or something as simple as your vehicle, tools, employees, etc.
Yes & No… Nektar is more complex and forms are just one of the many building blocks that make up our platform’s capabilities.
• Filter, map and display GIS based maps for any asset or task data.
• Complete bidirectional data transfer to your GIS backbone.
• Bypass GIS Specialist learning curves.
• Utilize incredibly simple to use mobile interfaces.
We’ve tested RFID, Nearfield and other systems. We use QR tags because we live in an age where almost everyone carries a mobile device and can scan a QR code. This saves our clients money and avoids the need to purchase expensive hardware.
Yes. We have a robust API that allows for importing and exporting data.
The Nektar difference means you won’t ever deal with machines or call centers, just real people. We work hands-on with you to set everything up and ensure you feel comfortable using the platform. We try and meet all our clients in person, invite them to our learning center, or join them on-site.
We are a configurable platform and not download-and-go software, we provide solutions for every industry and have a wide range of clients.
• No Wi-Fi or cell signal? No problem.
• Offline functionality allows for full data collection.
• Sync when a Wi-Fi or cell signal returns.
• You decide who gets access to your data.
• Rich permission aspects allow designated users to see exactly what they need to record, and only the assets & reports assigned to them.
Our platform is robust. Because the building blocks are already in place, our setups take typically a fraction of the time, when compared to other software and custom solutions. Timing is specific to your needs, and we strive to accommodate any timeline.
Yes. We work with all of our clients to ensure their platforms are tailor-made specifically for their operational needs.
Each client is unique. We’re affordable enough to help out the little guy, yet have the resources to scale and service multinational clients with extremely complex needs.
Mac, Android, PC, desktop, iPad, mobile device, you name it. Because we’re cloud based, access Nektar anywhere, anytime, on any screen.
Nektar saves you time and money. We’ve spent years building our platform with multiple configurable components so that we can deploy a scalable solution for a fraction of the cost and time.
Yes, your data, reports and anything generated in Nektar’s platform is securely stored utilizing Microsoft Azure’s Cloud. Safely access data from anywhere, at any time, from any device.
We offer custom demos so you’re able to see firsthand how Nektar works.

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