How To Ensure Safety Talks Happen Daily

Safety talks, safety moment, toolbox talks or meetings- whatever you call them, they are essential for a productive and safe work environment on any job site. The meeting takes place at the beginning of the day when all workers and the foremen gather to collaborate and discuss the upcoming plan for the day, as well as any safety issues. It gives the foreman or foremen the opportunity to relay information regarding any safety considerations and to address the entire group of workers, so that all workers are on the same page. Additionally, toolbox meetings can be a very important tool to discuss previous incidences or near-misses to identify and discuss ways to avoid them in the future.

76138988_28394182ec_zToolbox talks are often required by construction companies to be performed as the first activity of the day, before any work begins. This meeting includes a checklist of all the topics that must be covered in the meeting, as well as the collection of signatures from each employee on site and the name of their company. This is traditionally completed on a paper template that is used company-wide. It is the responsibility of the foreman or supervisor to deliver these paper safety toolbox reports to the office or correct department. This often results in reports being misplaced or not delivered into the hands of the correct personnel, or not being delivered in a timely fashion. This can be problematic if incidents do occur and the necessary paperwork cannot be found easily for inspectors to review.

Nektar Data Systems’ Solution

With the mobile data collection solution from Nektar Data Systems, many of the issues that arise due to the shortcomings of a paper-based system can be significantly mitigated. The mobile data collection from the field provides real-time transparency and confirmation of accountability that these meetings are occurring. This digital system does not require any paper to physically change hands, and therefore makes it impossible for the data to be misplaced. This also allows for the forms to be delivered to the relevant people immediately upon completion through an email function in the app, or simply by viewing the report within the web application itself. If an incident occurs, the relevant forms can be acquired in an instant without having to search for them at all, which is imperative when inspectors arrive and require any documentation pertaining to the mishap.

As work sites and their hazards are constantly changing, safety checklists must be kept current and relevant to their surroundings. With this system, these changes can be made easily and immediately. These changes can also be established company-wide without having to reprint new safety checklists for each different job location. This allows for consistency through the company both quickly, and at a low cost. With Nektar’s mobile system, there are task elements that provide individuals with the ability to include comments that are a part of the form and these can be sent immediately to senior management and relevant personnel.

If, for example, an incident or near-miss occurs and the cause of this incident was not currently on the toolbox checklist, this newly identified hazard can be immediately added to the and become a daily part of the safety meeting, keeping it at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Foremen can also leave comments in the form to notify management of any specific topics that were covered in the meeting, such as the review of procedures surrounding a near-miss incident that had previously occurred.

The toolbox meeting is an important aspect of occupational safety and provide a productive and safety-conscious work site. Traditional paper-based checklists present drawbacks and many of these can be significantly improved through the use of a mobile data solution from Nektar Data Systems. The app provides a paperless solution that eliminates the possibility of documentation being lost, it provides management with clear vision into the day-to-day operations on site, and confirmation of accountability that these meetings are taking place, resulting in increased compliance. This application allows for checklists to be updated immediately to reflect changes in the field, and only data that is relevant and to a company’s current situation will be recorded and utilized.

Photo Credit: Flickr User Eugene Zemlyanskiy, CC BY 2.0