How to make your team more productive

If your business relies on a team that does their work in the field, you are probably interested in how to make your workers more productive. One sure-fire way is to stop using paper!

How to make your team more productive in the field

Productive work teams can be the result of a combination of factors, such as effective operational workflows, inherently motivated individuals, a cohesive team, and strong leadership. Most of these factors are within the capacity of a business owner or manager to control to some degree, but others may be more difficult to influence.

unhappy-at-work-2The process of a field team’s workflow can have a huge impact on the amount of work that can be completed within a workday. If, for example, your team is still using a pen and paper to record notes and document the work being completed, you may soon find yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

Mobile devices have become a staple in our professional and personal lives, and it is becoming more and more imperative for companies to harness the capabilities of these devices in order to remain competitive.

Stop wasting time away from the job site

In the past, field service teams would visit a site, perform their analysis or work, and record the necessary information on a paper form, and return to the office to input the documentation onto their computers. This is troublesome for many reasons:

  1. The data is being inputted twice- once on paper, once into the computer
  2. Companies usually have to pay an extra person to input data
  3. The amount of time that the team can spend in the field is reduced, making them less productive
  4. Paper forms may be lost- resulting in costly delays
  5. Paper forms take up a lot of physical space to store

Remain competitive in your industry

Countless companies that rely on workers to be productive in the field are utilizing their smartphones and tablets to adopt mobile data collection systems. By doing so, they are reducing costs, improving dispatch and routing, improving service to customers, and enhancing their own reputations and even securing more revenue. Having a mobile workforce is becoming less about securing competitive advantage and more about not getting left behind in the dust.