Important Feature Updates for Nektar Data Systems’ apps


Recording a task and creating assets from the web-based app

Nektar Data Systems is working hard to replicate the same functionality from the Arcsset, Equipdata, and Histree mobile data collection applications on the web versions. With these new feature updates, now you can do almost everything you can do on your phone or tablet on your desktop or laptop. The most recently added functionality to the web-based application is the ability to record a task and create an asset from the computer.

Tasks, for those who are reading this and aren’t current customers, are the records of work that are done to an asset that would normally be recorded on a piece of paper. Tasks include things like inspections, maintenance work, safety meetings, inventory counts- anything that needs to be recorded when it is done. On the app, this is the main function of the suite of Nektar products and each task can be directly tied to a unique asset so that that asset’s entire history of all the work that has ever been done to it is always very easily accessible.

How to record a task from the web

Once you’ve logged into your own secure account in Arcsset, Equipdata, or Histree, find the “Utilities” tab on the left hand side of your screen. Here you will find an option that says “Record Task”. Click it and follow the same procedures as you would when recording a task on your smartphone. The same options exist in the web portal as in the mobile versions. You can choose a task location and notify contacts once the task has been completed. At the end of the task, you’ll have to enter in the asset number instead of scanning the tag, as that functionality is not available on computers.


How to create an asset in the web

Also under the “Utilities” tab, you will find the “create asset” option.

In the same way that you are able to create assets from your smartphone and tablet in the field, you are now able to create assets from the desktop application. Once you have chosen the necessary asset attributes, simply generate the asset number or enter an asset number if you have the QR tag available. You may also include an image for the asset and its GPS location that can be chose from a map.

Asset Permissions

We are also pleased to announce the release of the new Asset Permissions feature for the Arcsset, Histree, and Equipdata product lines. Client administrators now have the ability to restrict user groups to specific groups or categories of assets. This allows administrators to ensure that users only see the assets that apply to them and nothing else.

How to set up asset permissions

These permissions are based off of grouping Assets into projects. Assets can be assigned to a project by editing them in one of the web grids, or when creating an asset, assigning the asset to the project. Projects can be created and managed in Project Manager. For administrators who have access, under the “manage tab”, you will now see a new tab called “Asset Permissions.” In here, you can assign different projects to the selected user permission group.

Each user permission group can have permission to one or more projects (or view all). Then, when a user logs in, they only have access to assets that are in projects assigned to them. As well, if assets aren’t in any project, then everyone has access to them regardless of permission settings. These permissions apply across the board – including grids, maps, and even reports.

Mobile Dependency

Asset permissions only works in the latest mobile versions (4.14+ for iOS and 2.1+ Android) so make sure you have your users update to the latest mobile versions!

Asset Search

Nektar Data Systems is proud to announce that the mobile asset search function is available on the latest mobile versions of the iOS and Android apps.

This provides users with the ability to find an asset by looking up an attribute, such as make or model, and this will pull up all assets that have that characteristic. Previously, users could only scan an asset tag, enter the entire asset number, or search assets that are physically close to the user, using a feature called “Assets Near Me”.

This added functionality allows users to easily find assets and record tasks with only one known characteristic or attribute about that asset. Assets that show up in the search can be filtered and shown in order of distance (closest to farthest), date created (most recently created to oldest created), date of the last task recorded against that asset (most recently recorded to oldest recorded), and by assets with the most tasks recorded to them (from most recorded to least recorded).

How to search an asset on a mobile device

Once you’ve logged into your secure Arcsset, Equipdata or Histree app on your smartphone or tablet, the menu will appear. Click on “View Asset Data” (or for Equipdata customers, this option will say “View Equipment Data”. In here, you will notice that the additional option after “Scan Tag” and “Enter Asset Number” has been added- “Search by Value”. Once you choose this option, a search field will appear that will allow you to enter any value that you think might pertain to the asset in question. In the top right corner, the vertically-line arrows indicate how you would like the data to be sorted. It is here that you can sort by the abovementioned filters. Once you have found your asset, select it, and if you would like to record a task directly to it, you can click the upper right corner with the box and the arrow and select “record task”. You can also choose to clone or replace a tag using the same button, or even email asset information to a contact.

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