Million Trees NYC Being Tracked in the Cloud

New York City Histree Tag Asset TrackingThe New York City parks department is piloting a process of monitoring the contractors who plant and maintain their trees as part of the program.  The technology they are using is Histree, a green industry product that is powered by Nektar Data Systems. ( &

Each tree for the Million Trees NYC campaign is provided with a unique identity in the cloud, using visible unique QR tag hanging on the tree or by using GPS tree location once established. Multiple attributes can be provided for each individual tree including all horticulture related tree assessments such as ongoing inspections or maintenance data.

All field collected data from the NYC parks and streets is transmitted by simply scanning the tree tag or selecting the tree map pin within the mobile smartphone or tablet software interface. Every data event for each tree is captured and is moved to the cloud in real time. Over time this data grows in volume and provides true traceability and life-cycle management information for trees.

Equipdata, another Nektar solution, provides data management for equipment used in construction, nursery or municipal environments.

A second pilot phase of the NYC program is planned to include a move towards monitoring their investment in urban trees. In collaboration with Histree, the software may be used to allow the public to ‘adopt’ a tree. If the trees are not physically tagged a public user will use the Histree GPS interface on their iPhone to call up the tree information and “histree” or plant care for a specific tree. If allowed in security settings this can include watering and simple maintenance events. The software will also be configured to allow public input and recording of maintenance of their “adopted” tree. was the sponsor of the BCLNA Grower of the Year Award from 2010 through 2012.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Zeldman CC BY 2.0