Report Version History – July 10th, 2018

Have you ever worked on a report, and needed to revert the layout back to a previous version? Well, a brand new update allows you to do just that! Report Center now has a feature we call Version History. 

What is Version History?

Version History allows report builders to revert back to a previous version/date with ease. Every time you save, a snapshot is taken of the previous version of the report before being overwritten. This snapshot happens automatically.

How do you access the Version History?

In order to access your report version history, first click on the Report Center item in the left-hand navigation menu. Once you’re in Report Center, you can right click on any report, then choose View Version History. Here you will see all available snapshots for the selected report. Snapshots are stored for six months, regardless of how many saves you have made. You can preview a snapshot or click the restore button to overwrite the existing version – but don’t worry, a snapshot will be taken then too!