The New Age of Expense Tracking. No more receipts!

14487120338_04bb862ab0_o-554469-editedThere are a few events that come around once a month that are dreaded by many. One of these is compiling a monthly expense report. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, it can be a daunting task that eats away at precious time that could otherwise be used in a much more effective manner. Yet, it is an important task that must be done in order to be reimbursed properly for work-related expenditures.

Easily Manage Your Expenses From Your Phone

By leaving expense reporting until the end of the month, we are allowing for a higher likelihood of human error to occur, such as losing receipts along the way. We are also allowing for all the time that it would take to report the expenses of one receipt to accumulate over the course of an extended period of time, and making it a much longer task once we get around to it. What if, however, there was no longer a need for physical copies of receipts, which would then not get lost? Also, what if there was a way to do your expenses as you accumulated them throughout the month?expenditures, and to accurately keep track of expenses for accounting purposes.

Store Receipts in the Cloud

With Nektar Data Systems’ Expense Tracking application and reporting function, this can be a reality. The expense tracking task within our mobile data collection system is simple, with fields that can be customized to include the necessary items, such as the purchase date, purchase amount, relevant project numbers, the ability to take a picture of the receipt, and any other essential elements. Once the task has been completed, it can be uploaded to the existing client and the receipt may even be discarded, with the whole process only taking a matter of seconds. The information can then be integrated into accounting software without the need for any physical paper trails, but rather with all necessary documentation in the cloud. Our comprehensive reporting function can also be used to show monthly expenses in a way that is concise, easy to read, and is customized to whatever format you would like.

By completing expenses in a proactive, immediate fashion, we can help you eliminate lost receipts, reduce the time required to submit expenses, and put an end to paper-based expense tracking.

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo CC BY 2.0