Using Mobile Data Collection to Manage Contractors

Managing Third Party Contractors

While prime contractors understand that proper third party contractor management leads to an increase in the value of the services received, most companies do not broadly manage their sub-contractors’ performances due to the labour and resources it would seemingly involve. Across a large project, this lost value can work out to a few percentage points of a multi-billion dollar spend. Time and resources can be pushed to the brink when numerous third party relationships across multiple projects are managed inefficiently.

shutterstock_114562708-1Arcsset provides companies with a way to proactively and collaboratively ensure that their third-party contractors adhere to or exceed the agreed-upon contracts and services. It provides real-time data to the prime contractor in simple-to-use, intuitive dashboards and reports about the data being collected in the field.

Arcsset is a SaaS platform exclusive to the utility industry. Developed in a customer-centric environment, it is easy to use with a minimal learning curve and a very high rate of adoption by our customers? users and their third parties.

Benefits for Client

Confirmation of accountability is invaluable when managing multiple third parties in field data collection. By knowing exactly what kind of work each sub-contractor is doing, when it was done, along with the GPS location, it delivers the confirmation that projects are running on schedule and personnel are where they should be.

Utilizing the smart phone or tablet already in the hands of third parties, Arcsset’s mobile data collection tool allows these workers to collect data in the field that would traditionally have been recorded on paper. This real-time data is viewable via a dashboard or custom report from any location, on a mobile device or through the web portal. Having this data in real-time, allows decision makers the visibility to operate from their off-field location as if they were on site.

Daily activities can be monitored and errors or incomplete tasks are apparent and can be corrected immediately. Identifying errors as they happen in the field via the Arcsset dashboard saves general contractors from having to wait until the problem is identified days later and sending the sub-contractors back out to the project to redo the work.

Billing is also more efficient with fewer discrepancies in work completed as daily tasks are visible as they happen.

Benefits for third party contractor

With implementing any tool to third party contractors, there has to be an increase in ROI compared to their current job processes in order to obtain minimal push back. Arcsset’s mobile data collection tool has proven to be an effective relationship building tool between parties by increasing the productivity of sub-contractors and eliminating paper redundancy.

Using the Arcsset real-time data collection app, sub-contractors are recording the data as they complete the task without having to e-mail it to the correct personnel. This encompasses daily activities such as pole/structure assessments and maintenance, to safety tail-board meetings.

Communication is Key

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place, and in an industry such as utilities which relies on different parties to complete a project, communication is paramount. With utility projects spreading across provinces or states, it is unrealistic to be relying on antiquated data communication methods such as paper reports and spreadsheets.

Visibility throughout a single company is difficult enough from a traditional approach, even more so when involving multiple levels of sub-contractors. Having a real-time centralized data collection tool helps a general contractor monitor the key performance indicators of all parties involved, keeping projects on time and under budget.