Watercare Uses Innovative Solutions to Improve Safety of Manholes

Watercare Services Limited is the largest organization in NZ providing Water and Wastewater Services. It serves more than 1.3 million people in Auckland region. Watercare is concerned with safe, reliable, outstanding and affordable services for all while maintaining the best industry practices. The aim of “MH Safety Grills Project” was to install safety grills on approximately 15,000 manholes of the Transmission and Network Wastewater system. This has been a high-priority project due to the need for securing/improving public safety in Watercare networks.

watercareArcsset has been an integral part of the project framework. Without the support of Arcsset Database the project would have been difficult to manage. The project was incredibly complex and should be seen as 15,000 individual work sites which had to be inspected within 18 months timeframe.

Arcsset allowed us to audit the work on the field and from the office. It helped with customized management reports, payment of contractors, managing grill stocks from suppliers, monitoring and tracking the field crews on-site. This resulted in works coming under great scrutiny but ultimately allowed the project to be delivered with outstanding quality and success.

Some of the learnings that have been adopted by Watercare in this project due to Arcsset:

  • Paperless technology which is available 24 hours and not location-dependant.
  • Relevant electronic data capture with online and offline capabilities.
  • Real-time data and photo capture to verify the works and avoid dispute.
  • Assets mapped with GPS locations for ease of identification of assets on-site.
  • Enhanced level of data sharing online with suppliers, contractors, supervisors and Watercare Managers.

“Technical support from Arcsset also allowed the project team to come up with innovative solutions and fix problems throughout the project which avoided delay in programme.”
– Razin Mahmud (Project Manager)